Märe proudly presents Balmin' Round an all natural solution for dry lips. 

"Thirsty Rose" will hydrate and quench your lips in the dryest climates. 

Hosting Frankinsence and Rose Oil, Thirsty Rose will keep your lips feeling hydrated, smooth and soft. 


All natural and organic ingredients. 


15 ml tub 


Balmin' Round

  • In every Thirsty Rose, two awesome essential oils are at play. Frankincense dances beside Rose in every tub. Both essential oils have unique health benefits.  


    • Helps to destroy infection 
    • Regenerates and tones aging skin keeping wrinkles at bay, can smooth existing wrinkles
    • Pulmonary antiseptic
    • Helps regulate heavy menstrual flow
    • Aids in digestion 
    • Tones and strengthens the uterus
    • It's diuretic and antiseptic properties help with urinary tract infections
    • Reduces feelings of stress and calms the nervous system

    Rose Oil 

    • Universal for all skin types
    • Hydrates, moisturizes mature or sensitive skin
    • Soothes inflammation 
    • Aids in digestion, stimulates and strengthens the liver
    • Stimulates circulation
    • Can delay the onset and duration of seizures
    • Calms, Reduces stress and tension
    • Sweet, kissable smell