A magical combination of organic chia seed oil, carrot seed oil, MCT Coconut oil and Peruvian Sacha Inchi, this body butter will leave your skin hydrated and repaired.


Enhanced with Organic Sicily Lemon Essential Oil and Ylang Ylang Extra Essential oil, this body butter will help smooth your skin, nourish and enhance skin tone.


Organic Lemon Essential oil specifically works to regenerate white blood cells and stimulates the production of red blood cells.
In addition, the compound found in Organic Lemon Essential oil is monoterpene d-limonene which has been effective in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Research from case studies show that when a tumour has been present, the monoterpene can affect the reversal of its growth in multiple ways.


Lemon also helps lift the feelings of sluggishness and apathy.


Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil has been well connected with its strengthening effect on the nervous system. If used quickly, as the situation arises, it will lower raised blood pressure and slow rapid breathing caused by shock, anger or fright.

Ylang Ylang has also been connected through several case studies on helping people who struggle with sexual dysfunction.


Boobs Butts n' Beyond in Lemon Ylang