• Märe products are 100% natural

  • Safe and gentle formula - no chemicals 

  • Effective with one morning application

  • Approved by:

    • previously stinky men

    • pregnant/nursing woman 

    • professional athletes

    • ladies of the night 

An earthly base created in Calgary AB, this deodorant is packed with minerals, volcanic clays vitamin E, Jojoba and Argon for the softest of soft underarms. Smell awesome. It's that easy, 

RÏSE: Mint ön Me

Price Options
One-time purchase
RïSE on Repeat
C$17.00monthly/ 3 months

    You Rïse, everyday in the face of adversity. You Rïse to the occasion. You Rïse to find adventure, you Rïse when you have been shut down with little regard, you Rïse to get the girl or complete a task. You Rïse through illness and fight. If you choose not to Rïse, the alternative is much harder for those who love you.  

    You must Rïse...Rïse and smell good. 

    • Insect deterent 
    • helps expel gas from the stomach and intestines easing nausea, stomach cramps and indigestion
    • Stimulates bile production and thus strengthens the liver
    • Helps kill virus's and bacteria through expelling toxins
    • Helps to relieve: headaches, mental fog, dizziness, 
    • Mental stimulant, encourages positivity and overcoming negative thoughts
    • Relieves symptoms of shock / hysteria 
    • Reduces seizure activity