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All Natural Deodorant 

Available in three scents: 

Peppermint: Mint ön Me

Grapefruit: Pamplepüs

Lime: Lime äll Yours

60 ml Jar: $20.00



You Rïse, everyday in the face of adversity. You Rïse to the occasion. You Rïse to find adventure, you Rïse when you have been shut down with little regard, you Rïse to get the girl or complete a task. You Rïse through illness and fight. If you choose not to Rïse, the alternative is much harder for those who love you.  

You must Rïse...Rïse and smell good. 


  •  Märe products are 100% natural

  • Safe and gentle formula - no chemicals  

  • Effective with one morning application

  • Approved by:

    • previously stinky men

    • pregnant/nursing woman 

    • professional athletes

    • ladies of the night 

Smell awesome. It's that easy. 


Boobs Butts 'n Beyond Body Butter


This body butter will not only reinvent your skin, but leave it buttery soft and invite your body to be wooed under the power of Jasmine Essential Oil. 

Jasmine is an uplifting and transforming oil that will uplift a listless spirit and ease depression. 


Let us show you just how soft your skin can actually be

Benefits of Jasmine​

  • Softens skin

  • Balances sebum production

  • ​Antiseptic 

  • Antidepressant 

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Calming Effect 

  • Antispasmodic (Anti-spasm)

  • Cicatrizant (Wound Healing)

8 oz jar: $26.00

Balmin' Round - Thirsty Rose Lip Protector

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil:


  • Releases dopamine and helps depression

  • Anti-bacterial / anti-fungal 

  • Decreased levels of chronic pain 

  • Helps with anxiety 

  • Reduces: blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, cortisol levels and blood oxygen levels 

  • Stimulates sex drive

  • Relief from menstrual cramps


Thirsty Rose

This all natural lip protector not only smells divine but is enriched with Rose essential oil. 

Protecting your lips and keeping them supple, soft and gorgeous, Balmin' Round will serve you in the harshest, driest climates.

10 g pot $6.00



The UltimatE Hydrator

SOLË, a daily staple


Containing over 84 minerals and elements such as: potassium, calcium and magnesium Solë is the ultimate hydrator. 

In 8 oz of water add the following: 

Maintenance Dose: 1 tbsp every morning


Post work out hydrator: 1 tbsp


Piggy wine, beer, spirit party: 2 tbsp before bed 


Allergy Season: 1 tbsp in the morning and evening  


  • Improves digestion

  • Hangover Cure

  • Assists in detox and balances pH in your body

  • Balances blood sugar

  • Improves bone health

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Antihistamine that fights allergic reactions

  • After work out electrolyte replenisher

  • Improves sleep disorders

  • Balances charged ions and detox's the body

  • Prevents muscle cramps 

$20.00 750 ml

100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA for short)—a certified organic wild-harvested Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™ considered by renowned health authorities to be nature's most beneficial superfood.

E3Live Blue Green Algae

  • Increased energy, vitality and endurance

  • Support of a healthy mood balance and ability to manage everyday stress

  • Support of healthy intestinal and digestive systems

  • Faster recovery time after exercise.

  • Restored overall biochemical balance

  • Long-lasting energy boost.

  • Support for a healthy immune system

  • Support of healthy skin, nails, and hair

  • Increased focus and clarity

  • Healthy mood balance

  • Healthy response to stress and enhanced well-being

  • Ability to function at a higher level

  • Increased concentration

Physiologically, E3Live may help support overall body/mind balance in numerous ways. Its field of action simultaneously includes the immune, endocrine, nervous, gastro-intestinal and cardio-vascular systems. Nutritionally, E3Live provides over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is the most nutrient dense food known to mankind. E3Live is a gift of nature, a miracle food.


Be Well

Stacey Cameron, BSc, BCMM