• 100% natural

  • Safe and gentle formula - no chemicals 

  • Effective with one morning application

  • Creamy Rich Texture that smells amazing! 

  • Approved by:

    • previously stinky men

    • pregnant/nursing woman 

    • professional athletes

    • ladies of the night 

Smell awesome. It's that easy. 

You Rïse, everyday in the face of adversity. You Rïse to the occasion.

You Rïse to find adventure, you Rïse to kick the addiction, you Rïse when you have been shut down with little regard, you Rïse to get the girl, you Rïse through illness and fight.


If you choose not to Rïse, the alternative is much harder for those who love you.  

You must Rïse...Rïse and smell good. 

All Natural Deodorant 

Available in five scents: 

Peppermint: Mint ön Me

Grapefruit: Pamplepüs

Lime: Lime äll Yours

Bergamot: Aunty Bergamot

Myrrh: Gimme Myrrh Lavender

RÏSE Mint ön Me, Gimme Myrrh Lavender is also available in a sensitive skin formula.

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