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"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."  

                                                                                                                     - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you

Ralph Emerson

Märe is a wellness hub for anyone who wants to live and squeeze the joy out of life. Jonas, is a cancer thriver who was diagnosed in late stage 3C and is now thriving and cancer free. Always an advocate for health, Jonas wasn't living her best life.  She had some trauma in her teens and twenties, which carried over into her thirties. Typical female insecurity packaged with poor abusive partner choices and the passing of her mom and best friend to an eight year battle with cancer made her an even bigger mess in her thirties. But she always kept it all together on the surface, with three small children, a career and a wonderful husband she drove forward each day. Jonas took care of her family, she cooked, cleaned and loved her family but she had so much emotional anger and trauma that she made some really awful choices. These choices lead to her diagnosis of cancer at the age of 38. Determined to turn her life around, Jonas did three necessary steps to healing: 

  1. She returned to her childhood roots and found her friend Jesus. He was right there waiting for her and happily took all of her sadness, trauma, disturbed dreams, insecurities, feelings of worthlessness and shame. 

  2. Next, she asked forgiveness from her family. Her kids didn't really know that mom wasn't really keeping it together, but her husband did. She asked for forgiveness and a chance to live the way she was intended to live as a partner, mother and friend. 

  3. Finally, with the strength of her family and God, the team re-learned what health meant and what the body needs. Jonas is sharing her story, her findings and her joy for life with you so you can find your best self. 

If you have a family member or need help yourself in the following areas, please connect with Jonas:  

  •  Autoimmune Disease

  • Weight Loss

  • Cancer Support

  • Nutrition

  • Weight Loss

  • BioHacking

  • Dealing with Trauma

  • Life Coach: Relationships, parenting, wellness, work, communication

  • Vaccine injuries and what to do

Some of Jonas's clients have said:

"Jonas has been there and done that. Anything you say to her won't phase her. She is completely non judgmental and has some incredible life hacks to get you feeling awesome quickly".  Amanda

"Jonas designed a meal plan for me and a supplement plan because all of my neurotransmitters were out of whack. She also helped build a schedule that I could follow to get some routine. I am no longer an insomniac, I sleep and feel way better during the day."


Jonas helped our family recover from vaccine injuries. Without too much detail, we went from hearing, "we don't know what's going on and we're sorry but we can't help you" (from our doctors) to: walking again and enjoying life.  

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