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Märe's Rescue for Horses in Urgent Need

Did you know that a lot of horses that you have seen in parades, at rodeos, at the racetrack, at horse shows etc..end up in the slaughter pipeline? Currently, although slaughtering horses is not permitted in the United States, the United States, holds and ships horses everyday to be slaughtered in Mexico or Canada for human consumption.


A lot of these horses face slaughter because of the overbreeding that is taking place to find the perfect horse for rodeos, shows, race tracks. Some of them face slaughter because they are on native land, and the government will pay tribes to round up the horses and send them to slaughter. Some of them, were work horses that reach a certain age and end up being dumped for slaughter. Some of them, people are just no longer able to care for them and so they take them to auction, the Meat Buyer will purchase for around $600. 


If you have ever taken colleagues or kids to a rodeo have you ever thought about what happens to the horses after the rodeo?
If you enjoy grains and cereals, there is a chance the field was plowed by an Amish work horse who will face slaughter around the age of 15 or less.
Or if you enjoy a nice steak, there is a good chance, the horses used to round up the cattle will one day face slaughter, usually around the age of 15.
The list of scenarios continue. In 2023, thousands of baby horses were rounded up. Their mothers sent to slaughter and the babies ended up in Kill pens across America. The lucky ones will find homes. The unlucky ones will travel from kill pen to kill pen until they are about 600l bs (often times less) and then they too will ship for slaughter. 

These horses have built the very foundation of this country, for food, for mining and for entertainment. It's time we start figuring out a plan for them and pitching in so they are not slaughtered on international waters off the coast of Mexico for distribution for human consumption in Europe and Japan.

Help us, help them. 

Bailing a horse out of a kill pen currently costs anywhere between $600 - $2500 based on their weight. A lot of these horses have been grossly abused, neglected, underfed or not fed at all. All of them have parasites from being exposed to kill pens. Most of them have serious coughs or goopy eyes requiring treatment. The one thing they all have in common is that none of them want to be killed in a panic stricken, terrifying environment.

Once horses arrive at our rescue the healing can begin. We are currently looking for sponsors to help shoulder the cost of getting these horses back on their feet. They will often times need, vetting, dental work, ferrier, chiropractor, worming, supplements and of course great nutrition to get them back on track. 

The great news is, most horses don't need constant dental work done, but 99% of them need at least 1 round of dental help. Depending on their past, they may not need consistent chiropractic help but all of them need at least 1 adjustment to help their lymph nodes and adrenal glands drain. 

The ferrier work on a horse should be done every 6-8 weeks. 

As you can see, bailing the horse is the initial cost of saving its life, but once they are here, we need to help them get healthy so that they can live their best lives. 

The cost of these items are: 

Dental Visit: $150 per horse (this often times does not need to be an ongoing service for every horse) 

Chiropractor Visit: $200 (some horses will not require consistent adjustments, a one time adjustment often sets them free) 

Ferrier: $60 per horse every 8 weeks if the horse does not require shoes

Supplements: $60 / month per horse

Worming medication: $25.00 1 time per year 

Feed and Hay per month per horse: $200 

if you are in a position to help us support these animals, please do so by donating any amount to their recovery. 

Thank you! 

Where's My Fur? 
A book about being different 

Spending time with kids is therapeutic. Laughing, learning together and admiring their quirky on-goings is one of my favourite things. I believe in being yourself, it's the easiest most carefree way to exist and it puts the least amount of stress on your system. Kids hold the magical recipe of accepting people for who and what they are. It's contagious and a recipe that should be served daily to every soul in this great world. 

I encourage you to read with your kids, watch them laugh and be silly alongside their open, gentle hearts. 


By: Jonas

Asian little girls. Silhouette of three

To Bear, Wyatt and Franki may you always find adventure through wellness

Where's My Fur? 
soft cover $30.00

hard cover $40.00

All proceeds will go towards caring for a horse in need.

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