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Stacey Cameron, BSc, BCMM

Be Well, It's Time

Keeping it simple and of the earth. I believe our planet has provided everything we need to feel good, look good and smell good. With this in mind, Märe has created a variety of natural products that are truly effective. 

Märe's all natural products work. Period.  

Everyday we are surrounded by chemicals,  we slather them onto our body without even thinking about the result. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. A long list of diseases have been linked to what we eat, breath, drink and drown our skin in. 


After losing my Mom, Marilyn to ovarian cancer I continued my quest for truth about wellness. I have now dedicated my life to connecting people with solutions that work for them and their bodies. My core mantra is "be well", whatever that means to you or to me.

Losing my mom changed my world. I have now dedicated my life to the study of wellness and helping people find their best so that they too are not lost along the way.  

I am a Mom of three beautiful children and alongside of them, the importance of all-around wellness is at the forefront of our lives and something that we are all continuously searching for. 

This journey is yours, I am here to serve as a guide so that you can find your best. 

You are not alone, get in touch and be well.


The Adventure of Wellness Awaits


In loving memory, Marilyn Cameron, teacher, friend, singer, song writer, adventurer. 

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Aptly named Mare, my mom was no stranger to adventure, wellness and laughter. Her strength, zest for life and acceptance of people will always be an inspiration. Lover of horses, music, family, swimming and hiking, mom was amazing. 

When you have the choice of life stripped from your grasp, the people surrounding you will hopefully live for you, love for you and adventure with your love around them.  

Taken too soon and missed every single day. 

Love you mom.

Get out there and live!