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About Jonas


"There is often no exercise greater, than helping someone in need to feel their best, coincidentally, helping a horse in need is equally rewarding, as no time is ever wasted in the saddle." - Part of this quote was explained by Churchhill, the other is just my genuine desire to help people live with their best health possible. 

Providing guided nutrition plans, emotional support, spiritual support, health information and natural remedies will be the focus of our time spent together. Being able to walk this life feeling good, is a gift. God wants each of us to be healthy and happy. Through the knowledge and experience I have gained through family illnesses and my own personal bout with cancer, I have a unique collection of information and hope to be able to share it with you to elevate your health.   All plans are customized based on individual struggles. We hope that you join this adventure of life and ardently chase after the opportunity to step into the best you.

My greatest regret in life, is being ignorant to the information I needed to save my mom from her illness. I will ask for forgiveness when I see her rising with Jesus. May Jesus connect me with people and animals that need help. Amen. 

Why Märe?

portrait of the Spanish running horse, b

In loving memory, Marilyn: Mom, teacher, friend, horse lover, singer, song writer, adventurer. 

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