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Stacey Powell, BSc, BCMM


Earning a double major in Communications and Biology and a proven top revenue performer, Stacey specializes in working with a diverse group of industries whose companies require the following:


  • Execution on well thought out internal and external communication and strategic plans;

  • Creative solutions to maintain customer loyalty;

  • Excellent presentation and written communication skills;

  • Event management and execution;

  • National and international visibility planning and positioning;

  • Tactical selection of appropriate talent to achieve sales targets;

  • Integrating cutting-edge resources, creativity, intelligence and experience that expands organizations;

  • A unique and deliberate approach to translating and solving complex problems;

  • Contagious enthusiasm and dynamic energy that acts as a magnet in attracting qualified team members and ideal prospects;

  • Committed daily in being personally healthy, enjoying an active lifestyle and being a wellness coach to friends, families and clients

  • Creating Fact Sheets, Press Releases, Media Kits

  • Building Resume's and Cover letters

  • Website design and content writing 

  • Fundraising plan development

If you have a project that Märe can help you with, please let us know. We are creative and have taken on several projects outside the scope of what is listed on our webpage with excitement! We love a challenge and are hoping to work with you soon! 

Why Märe?


In loving memory, Marilyn Cameron, teacher, friend, singer, song writer, adventurer. 

portrait of the Spanish running horse, b

Aptly named Mare, my mom was no stranger to perfectly communicating the most meaningful, simple words at precisely the perfect moment. 

Her kind, welcoming spirit made even the most awkward business transactions seamless and simple. 

Her funny whit and joyous outlook on life made her a dream to work with. 

Her legacy will live on...


Taken too soon and missed every day. 

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