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Märes Horse Rescue 

We rescue horses that have been dumped for slaughter. We bring them home and we rehabilitate them. Please help us, help them. Browse our current rescues and consider sponsoring one. You will receive monthly updates, pictures and the awesome feeling that comes with helping an animal in need. 


Baby came to us in really rough shape. She had a broken shoulder, 4 broken ribs and one slipped fetlock joint in her front right foot. 

Baby's abuser was paid $500 for her broken body to be taken away to slaughter. 

When we got her, she could not walk or stand. She had no access to food or water. 

After chiropractor treatments, ferrier, physiotherapy and optimum nutrition Baby has made an amazing recovery. To donate or sponsor Baby, click on the Donate button Below.



We rescued Khalisee from Last Chance Direct Ship Kill pen in Kemp Texas. This 3 year old girl, was right about to ship to slaughter when our family found her. She was a Direct Ship horse which means, she does not have a lot of time. She was skin and bones, covered in mud and terrified. 

Khalisee is now healthy and absolutely thriving. When this picture was taken of her at the kill pen, she was so sick and malnourished. She had contracted strangles at the kill pen and nearly died. When we got her, her temperment was calm and docile because she was so sick near death. 

Once we got her back to our rescue and restored her health, we found out she was actually an unhandled mare. So we started from ground zero...ground work, trust, treats, patience. 

We are hoping to send Khalisee away for training soon. We have learned that an unhandled horse is more likely to end up in the slaughter pipeline. If you would like to contribute towards Khalisee's training please click on the donate link below. 

There are tons of videos of Khalisee's transformation on our youtube channel on the left. 



When we met Samson, he was covered in mud,  skin and bones and sitting in the most horrendous mud filled kill pen. We locked eyes and you could see his gentle soul. He worked on an Amish farm most of his life plowing the fields. When he turned 14 he was thrown to slaughter. Samson has Cushings disease. This is a disease from consistent, high stress situations. His body was always in a state of panic, so it started to produce cortisol all the time. As a result, his hair grew really long and he developed a bad limp. Samson needs additional support and supplements for this disease caused directly by the stress within his previous environment. He is so loyal, so gentle, never causes any mischief amongst the herd and is an absolute rock solid guy. He is a gentle giant and a true gentleman. His transformation is unbelievable. He walks without a limp, he does not have lethargy and he is very loved. 

Samson would benefit from any gut supplement and a some red raspberry leaf for his cushings disease.

He is also famous on youtube -  check out our channel to see him. 

If you are able to be a part of Samson's healing journey, please help by donating below. 




Rover was so starved when we found him.  He and Samson were rescued the same day from the same kill pen. The condition of these horses was so horrific. Because of Rovers past life, he is so obsessed over food. He went to the starvation point and far beyond. 

He 25 but acts like he's 15. 

He loves to be ridden and LOVES food. He is first at the gate and last to leave the gate in hopes to get one more treat or pat on the head. 

He is ridden often by my little boy, the two have become good friends. 

Another great, trained horse, tossed for slaughter. 

To  help donate towards Rovers Recovery, please click on button below. Even a bail of Alfalfa would mean the world to Rover! 



IMG-7839 (1).jpg

We found Atara in a kill pen in Kemp, TX. We were not told anything about her, but when we got her home, we started to see that she sprays urine uncontrollably. We called the vet and he did a series of exams on her. Rectal (looking for cancer lumps), urinalysis and blood (looking for. infection). We have since discovered that Atara was overbred so many times that the sphincter of her vagina became paralyzed from constant births, pregnancies and breeding. We continue to look for options for Atara so that she will be more comfortable. We are fundraising for an ultrasound for her so that we can have a closer look into her bladder to see if we can make her more comfortable. Outside of the urine spray, Atara rides beautifully, she is gentle, easy to catch and loves Pink Himalayan Salt Licks! 



Maximus came from Kauffman kill pen with three others that we rescued. He is a big, gentle boy. He came with 4 shoes on and he has a limp from an injury in his front left leg.

He also came with really bad thrush on all 4 feet.


We had the vet here and she took a ton of x-ray pictures and blocked his hoof. We isolated the area that was causing him pain after about 3 hours of trial and error.


 We are currently fundraising for him for X-rays and treatment and cortisol steroid shots. His vet bill alone is upward of $3200 My vet kept saying, "this is why he was at the kill pen." It's really expensive to try and recover a horse,  especially when you don't know his past injuries, so there is a lot of trial and error which racks up a vet visit in a hurry.  



Freya is a giant sweetheart. We found her in the same terrible place as Maximus. The two have bonded together and spend most of their days together eating in the pasture. Freya, was dumped for slaughter while being pregnant. Our vet is estimating that she is around 5 months pregnant which would set her for delivery sometime in the New Year of 2024. She is a registered quarter horse and big sweetheart.  When we got her, she had a bag full of milk which means, they must have pulled her baby off of her before sending her pregnant to a kill pen. Her eyes are super expressive and it feels like she has been through some emotional times. If you would like to make a donation towards Freya and her unborn baby please visit the link below.  



When Phoenix rolled in our hearts just dropped.  This poor little girl was skin and bone, all of the hair on her tail and main was gone and she just. constantly wagged her tail like a dog with the sweetest expression. Phoenix is already starting to recover. She has been vetted,  wormed and we are currently fundraising for some supplements, dentist and added nutrition. She has the most adorable personality.   She follows us around and we are currently keeping her in the front yard as she was getting pushed around a little bit in the pasture because she "appeared" to be weak, not by all of the horses but one or two of them.  We just want to make sure she gets the perfect balance of nutrition to get her back up on her feet and looking great. 



Oh Moses, how could anyone treat you the way they did and then dump you? This boy has the sweetest most unassuming personality. Poor Moses, is an X-roping horse and they completely abused and destroyed his beautiful big body. His knees are in really rough shape. His front right knee in particular holds fluid. We are starting him on a round of anti-inflammatories and are hoping that this helps him. He would greatly benefit from some supplements like MSM, Glutathione, Hyarloaunic Acid and a senior formula for weight gain. 

I would love to enter Moses into a program where he can be cuddled with seniors. He is so gentle and would be able to work with recovery patients.  He is just a sweet, gentle, unassuming soul. 



We got Costanza from a kill pen in Kemp, Texas. He came in with his mom that was so so sick. She didn't have any milk for him because she was so skinny and sick. Sadly, his mom passed away three days after getting here. He was really skinny and scared. Being in a new place now all alone without his mom. 

We tried to start bottle feeding him, however he would not take a bottle. So we rushed out and got him milk pellets, Land O Lakes, Mares Match pellets. He gobbled these up and we were all so relieved. 

The first few nights, I stayed with him in the barn, then Boba our dog did, then miraculously, we introduced him to Baby and she became his adopted mother. The two are now inseparable and they spend all day together. Moses, is also a part of this tribe who is an excellent mentor to Costanza. 

If you would like to donate, sponsor or pick this little guy up a treat off our Amazon Wishlist, he would really love it! 




Arymus came from the same kill pen as Moses. I can't understand why this horse was there.  Typically, the horses that we rescue have gone through visible distress. Either with malnourishment, or physical problems that need massive rehabilitation.  However, Arymus, had no problematic joint, health or structural issues.  

He was extremely scared of your hand when you tried to pet his face. He jumped back in fear every time. We have had him for two months and this is all gone. 

He loves to go for rides and he is the leader of the herd. 

Now that he is getting lots of exercise, he would benefit from a joint supplement to make sure his body is supported. He loves Alfalfa and Alfalfa pellets. He is gentle and kind. 

The fact that there are horses like this being tossed away for slaughter really makes me wonder.

The above horses all needed severe care, rehabilitation, training, time, money, effort, patience etc...but this guy, he just needed a home and some love. I'm happy we found him,  he was shipping to slaughter the day after we picked him up. I'm relieved he is safe and here with us. 

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